Saturday, February 17, 2007

Oh, the hotness!

Images are just as powerful as well-written literature. A good book will stick to you and you’ll find yourself thinking about it long after “the end.” Photography is the same, but how many of us can afford to buy originals? Sexy posters, however, give us the beauty of the image at an affordable price.

I came across this site and figured it was just another stars and strips “Proud to be an America” merchant. There’s nothing wrong with that, but when I’m seeking inspiration for my muse, I need something else.

Something like this…

But for me. Just as I was about to go into a long-winded rant about how women enjoy beefcake too, then I found this

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Oh sweet heavens have mercy! I can't get the link to work right due to the frames on the site, but there's a whole section of hot men. You can get to it by clicking the American West catagory and the look through the gallery till ya find the sexy cowboy. Then look for the photographs of erotic men stuff in the frames.

I’ve seen some hotness in my day, but these are bite your knuckle, make you ache, melt your panties off, hotness. They’ve got muscle men to svelte hotties that you know are cute bottom boys. Everything from interpretive photography through bondage to shots that scream of intimacy can be found here.

You MUST check out this site. Your muse will work overtime for you. I, personally, am book marking it. Since my “office” is my living room, I’ll have to be careful about which of these boys I bring home, but OMG the hotness. This brought me to my knees!


Yes, this is a sponsored post, but OMG you MUST check it out. You owe it to yourself. Be good to yourself. Give in to the sexiness. You know you want to.

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