Sunday, February 11, 2007

Honey, it’s just for a study of sensuality. Honest!

I knew it was abound to happen. A friend of mine told me it happened, but I didn’t believe her and had to check it out myself.

Sports Illustrated swimsuitmodels are now available for cellphone wall paper. In this day and age where the theme of Law and Order can announce a call and Jack Nicholson can handle your voice mail, why not let one of these ladies

handle your screen? SI Swimsuit Issue turns 43 years old this year and they don’t look a year older than 25 and I think I’m over estimating there. This might be a special thing they’re starting this year; I’m not sure. The issue should be hitting the newsstands on Valentine’s Day.

Although I’m not one for Heidi Klum on my cellphone (still looking for the cut picture from another calendar with the priest and nothing but his collar), I’m thinking about getting some for hubby as a Valentine’s Day gift. The wallpapers are pretty cheap at $1.99 each and they'd be a nice little addition to getting him a copy of the issue.

The SI Swimsuit Issue is a lot more than eye-candy. Oh, I’m sure the SI people want to point to the articles and what not, but they have mastered the art of being sensual without being pornographic. That’s something erotica writers struggle with, well, some of us.

How can we cradle sensuality in our words without the thrusting, moaning and straining that comes with a sex scene? Well-written erotica is a lot like the SI Swimsuit Issue in so much that there’s an undercurrent of beauty and sensuality throughout the whole piece. There’s a saying, “A picture is worth 1,000 words.” After looking through some of my older issues of the SI Swimsuit Issue, I’m inclined to agree. There’s a depth to their work that isn’t seen anywhere else with the exception of older (pre-80’s) Playboy stuff. I know it seems weird to say this, but try to look past the model in this_picture.

Look at the snow-capped mountains in the background and the water running down her spine. Every element of that picture, from the model to the use of color and light screams sensuality. It’s beautiful and that’s what we need to strive to capture with our words.

Ya know, I just might get a copy of the issue just to try to do some tone work. Inspiration can come in a multitude of places for writers and even though I write about men, sensuality is sensuality. It’s something that breaks the confines of gender and strikes all of us equally.

I wish SI would do a special edition for female sports fans. I don’t expect that to be an annual thing, but once every five years or so would be nice. Who am I kidding, we all know where I really want my sex men to come from. Yeah, you guessed it, the seminary.

*thinks about sexy priests and enters her happy place*

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