Saturday, February 17, 2007

Net and phone connection, huh?

I just had the strangest technical error with my net. My net and phone are handled by the same company. My connection started to crawl and then cut out. I checked the phone and didn’t have a dial tone. I knew my account was up to date and I hadn’t been cut off so I called tech support.

They detected no dial tone also and sent me to the techs. The tech called me back and we checked all of my phone connections. Something I should have done before calling helpdesk.

I have cordless phones in the house. One phone sits on a base and that one is connected to the phone line. There’s a remote station that holds the other phone and all it needs it power no phone cord. If the main handset goes dead, then the remote won’t work. My roommate kicked the plug out of the wall and the base went dead. Once I plugged that back in and put a charged handset on the base, presto, my dial tone came back.

THEN my net came back.

I’m on cable internet. Those two shouldn’t be connected. I don’t understand it, but you can bet if I ever have a problem again I’m going to check the plugs before calling.

I’m such and idiot for not checking that first.

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