Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Full Circle cover art!

I have cover art for the second edition of Full Circle! I'm positively thrilled with it! Taira Reed did it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The second edition of Full Circle will be released at some point over the next few months. We're still trying to nail down a date and that largely depends on me. How fast can I get all the pre-release stuff done?

The basic story of Full Circle has not changed. If you read the first edition you won't be lost or confused come the sequel. The second edition has highlighted some more of the back story and clarified a few points. I've added a bit more humor and reminded Alvaro and Josiah that they have another factor working against them. The world building feels a bit more solid to me this time around. The genius that Tami Parrington brought as my first editor still rings. Tami and I aren't working on a title together right now and that saddens me. She's a grand author and a brilliant editor. I keep hoping we'll work together again. I do keep in touch with her via Facebook. Pebble is the same snarky bastard he was in the first edition. So no worries Pebble fans, he's there.

The second edition of Full Circle almost didn't happen. That would have been the death of the series. One editor I worked with wanted me to cut the scenes told in Mihai's point of view. I explained how important he was to the readers (and reviewers) and that Full Circle just wouldn't be Full Circle without those scenes. I was willing to break my contract over this issue. I knew I wouldn't be happy, you wouldn't be happy, and the character's wouldn't be happy if those scenes had been removed. Those scenes remain and are largely untouched. I have given a few hints on why he's as crazy as he is. 

My tech job has dominated a lot more time than I anticipated and that has greatly slowed down my writing, but I think the slower pace has increased the quality.

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