Saturday, February 17, 2007

Musical Muse

For those of you who haunt the ERWF, you know that I’m really dependent upon music to write. I always have my headphones on. I’m not kidding you. This habit is so strongly ingrained in me that when I go to jot off a quick e-mail, I put my headphones on before I start typing. A few times, I caught myself with my headphones on without the music on. LOL! I think it has something to do with helping me carry tone and tune out the world. (I organize my music by type of scene not genre of music.)

Needless to say, I’m always on the look out for new music. When I stumbled across this site Unsigned, I instantly became a very happy Cup. With everything from classical to Icon of Coil and 80’s metal bands in my library, I love to sample new music. This site has Industrial Artists to Acoustic and everything in between.

There’s one problem with this site. Not all of the bands have a song uploaded. They all have cover art up, but that doesn’t help a listener much. That helps promote a cover artist, but it does nothing to help me enjoy the music. However, the few that I found that did have music uploaded shows the potential for this site. I really think I could lose an entire day just exploring this site.

For me music is a very helpful writing tool. I’ve talked about this before on this blog (Haven’t I?), but I don’t see how people write with silence around them. Sometimes I need to write an angsty scene, but I’m not in an angsty mood. Good music plays with our emotions. (Now, I know I’ve been online too long. I tried to spell that e-motions. >.<) It helps me get in the mood for the scene and carry the tone.

If you know of any other unusual music sites, please, drop me a line.

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