Friday, January 04, 2008

Religious Erotica

I think this is quite fitting. If you Google “gay priest erotica” (no quotes) then my blogger is the first one up. That’s so cool! Once I get About to Sin published (and it will be published), I hope to introduce more people to the beautiful genre of religious erotica. And, not that trashy crap with priests who shouldn’t be priests, but, good priests who are really torn between being men and being priests.

Recently, I’ve taken a bit of gruff for writing gay priest erotica. I don’t think what I write is sacrilegious and I think it shows a healthy respect for the faith. I know some people won’t be able to understand that. For some people religious erotica, by its nature, is blasphemy. I hope those people find stories that they like and enjoy.

For the rest of us, let’s exchange some fic recs, shall we? Gay priest erotica is a niche genre of a niche genre so there isn’t much out there. Anyone have any recs they’d like to share?

My research for this story has taken me to some very interesting places and involved some fascinating conversations. I’ve spoken to several active and inactive priests as well as Roman and non-Roman Catholic priests. Ironically, those priests have not given me any gruff for writing what I write. One told me he couldn’t read my work because he feared it would be too much like his life. Another priest read the rough draft of my story and has offered some wonderful input. I never thought that writing gay priest erotica would help me gain a deeper respect for priests, but it has. Writing religious erotica has also helped me deepen my respect for faith in general. There’s something very special about someone who truly feels their faith…and that something is rather sexy.

As a side note: if you include the quotes in the google search, my LJ is the first hit and my website is the second and last hit. This ROCKS!


Osklivy said...

Wow! I honestly thought i was alone in this sort of thing. It's rather embarassing around my friends, but knowing there are like minded people somewhere is SO AWESOME! I truly think respect is of the utmost importance with this topic and I hope honestly to add a bit to the Genre.
I hope you keep up the good works and don't let the haters get you down.

IM Cupnjava said...

Osklivy, you are far from alone. Religious Erotica isn't a huge sub-genre, but it is a solid one with a very loyal readerbase.