Monday, January 15, 2007

Stop the Block!

One of the things I do when I feel a bit blocked with my writing, is that I visit my finished stuff. I will “fanfic” my own characters. Yeah, I know it’s cheesy, but sometimes working with familiar characters can help get the juices flowing.

The sad part is that this recent block isn’t from a lack of ideas it’s because I’ve been ill. I can’t seem to hold the concentration to carry a full story.

So, here’s a cute scene with Alvaro and Josiah (my favorite play couple) from “Full Circle.” I hope you like it and I hope it gets my mojo back and I can return to working on “About to Sin.”

“Soaked Socks.”

It was hot. It was that sticky kind of hot that leaves a bad taste in your mouth. The sun, directly overhead, burned bright and strong. Standing in the shade of the church, Josiah watched Alvaro by the waterfall basin.

Alvaro had his long blond hair up in a high ponytail fully exposing his neck. His pointless glasses sat carefully folded on a rock next to him. He wore a white t-shirt and a pair of blue shorts that swallowed him. Bending over, he gave Josiah an excellent view of his ass. After dipping a rag into the clear water, Alvaro wrung it out over his head. Water sparkled in the light as it fell to his face.

Again and again he soaked himself.

Josiah should be working, but he couldn't pull his eyes away. Normally, he gave his advanced sword fighting lesson to the humans at this time, but something about water running down Alvaro's chest wouldn't release him.

After one more soaking, Alvaro shook his head and put on his glasses. Josiah smirked. The t-shirt clung to Alvaro's chest and, in a few spots, hinted at the blond's skin tone. The shorts, heavy with water, sagged showing a little too much of Alvaro's hips. His legs poked out from under the shorts and the shading of his calf muscles directed the water to his socks. Oh, isn't that cute? Little lumps of white and wet cotton around his ankles.

He'd never noticed before, but Alvaro had nice legs. Especially when they were wet. Those soaked socks around Alvaro's ankles kept Josiah's attention. The slouch socks dwarfed Alvaro's ankles and Josiah was willing to bet those ankles would fit perfectly in his hands. For a brief moment, in his mind's eye, he saw his hand curled around one of those adorable ankles. Kissing his way up Alvaro's leg, he'd watch—without looking like we was watching—the blond shift the sheets to cover his "naughty bits." A coy blush spread across Alvaro's cheeks. Water from the sock seeped between Josiah's fingers and ran down the back of his hand.

Alis walked by, sighed and rolled her eyes.

"What?" Not completely pulled from his fantasy, Josiah addressed her, but didn't take his eyes off the blond vampire.

"Admit it already." Alis turned and put her hands on her hips.

"I don't have anything to admit." He ripped his eyes from Alvaro and looked at her. See, he could stop looking any time he wanted to.

"Yes, you do."

"No, I don’t." He rolled his eyes. "I don't have a thing for him."

Alis hiked an eyebrow. "Just how did you know I was talking about that?"

Josiah felt the blood leave his face. Damn it. "I'm just waiting for him to be done. So I can cool off."

"Yeah, right, you keep thinking that." She turned around and started walking away. "Eventually someone will come along and not take him for granted. Until then, you just keep wasting your time…" She walked out ear shot. The way her arms were moving let Josiah know she was still talking.

Whatever. When it came to bows and arrows, Alis was the person to talk to. When it came to sword fighting, she made a fine opponent. When it came to…Josiah looked around empty basin. Seeking Alvaro—the vacant path up the hill to the village jeered at him. Every where he looked pushed the same emptiness upon him. Where the hell did he go?


Josiah jumped about three feet off the ground. He screamed and his mouth dropped open. With his heart racing, he turned around and saw Alvaro doubled over laughing. The loose blond curls around Alvaro's face dripped and shook with each guffaw.

"I think," Alvaro took in a deep breath, "that makes us 398 to 275, my favor." He pressed his fingers to his mouth and snickered.

"No, no, no," Josiah waved a finger through the air trying to physically erase the score. "You had 398 points last time." His heart pounded in his chest—from the startle or the company, Josiah wasn't sure.

"Oh dear, I did?" Alvaro nibbled his bottom lip. "So that makes this time 168 to 123, my favor."

"How come when you tell the score, it's always you winning?"

Alvaro put his hands on his hips and gave Josiah a long look. "The same reason why you are the winner when you give the score."

Josiah's eyes traveled down Alvaro's body. The pink of Alvaro's nipples tried to sneak through the shirt. Water still dripped from his shorts and those adorable socks were much cuter close up. "You're wet." Josiah's blood rang in his ears. His fingers felt especially dry.

Alvaro nodded. "Yes, it's a nice way to cool off." He handed the rag to Josiah. "Do you want to give it a try?"

"Sure." Josiah took the rag.

Alvaro started walking toward the path up the hill. "Should I tell your students that you'll be delayed?"

"Yeah, thanks." What did Alis mean by "taking him for granted?" Josiah scratched his head and cleared his throat. "Alvaro?"

Alvaro turned around on the dirt path. His pony tail swung around and clung to his neck. "Yes."

The light glinted of Alvaro's glasses striking Josiah mute. You have cute legs. You have cute legs. You. Have. Cute. Legs. Would that have been so hard to say? Silently, he shook his head and walked toward the basin. It was, apparently, that difficult to say.

Alvaro sighed and continued up the hill.

He didn't have a thing for Alvaro. Damn it. He couldn't have a thing for Alvaro. How foolish would it make him look to admit, after centuries of rejecting the blond, that now he felt something for Alvaro? Josiah dunked the rag under the water and saw the dry outline of where the blond's feet once stood. He did not have a thing for Alvaro, but he still felt incredibly foolish.


Anonymous said...

Hey cuppie, didn't know you took to posting more often here! New Year resolution? lol
I liked the story, but also like the idea of doing fanfic on your own characters. I do something similar, I take support characters from stories to become major players on the next story or sometimes, the way around. (e.g. Falcon is the main character in Treasure Hunt, but he does a cameo in Heir of Evil when the main character needs something stolen from a Russian museum)

IM Cupnjava said...

Jose! That's a wonderful idea! I think Alvaro will end up being a bigger player in Full Circle II. That one's subtitle is Changeling. I have a huge story arc that focuses around him.

It's kind of a New Years resolution. I figure clacking on the keys in any form will help keep the rhythm of writing.