Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Must See Net Vids

I KNOW I’ve already blogged today, but I must share these.

Internet vids have become increasingly disappointing. How many times can you see a skate boarder crash and still find it funny? Those annoying “scare” videos were cute the FIRST time. Fart jokes and other bits of “juvenile” humor aren’t even funny to juveniles anymore. Lastly, seeing amateur video of two women fighting does nothing for me.

These two videos are the types of videos that keep me wading through all the crap.

The first one (and how this post is connected to writing) shows us that no matter the subject matter, the tone is what carries the piece. Don’t believe me? Check out Mary Poppins presented as a horror flick. I’m not normally scared by horror flicks, but this “trailer” gave me chills.

  • Mary Poppins

  • Now, this one was fascinating from an intellectual point of view. It looks at research done with spiders to show the effects of alcohol and other drugs on web spinning. Dang interesting and short.

  • Spider Research

  • Enjoy!


    Nienke said...

    Mary Poppins IS scary! And someone's gotta do something about letting those spider behind the wheel, especially when they're under the influence!

    IM Cupnjava said...

    That spider one had me ROLLING! The beauty is that until the very end, they played it totally straight.