Saturday, January 13, 2007


Why do I always find the stuff AFTER I’m done looking for it?

As some of you know and some of you don’t know, I’m a search junkie. Before writing, I worked in the research side of recruiting. I am such a geek that I belonged to a “Cyber Sleuth” group, belonged to a group that collected search strings that only yielded one hit results in google and bunch of other really, really techno-geek stuff.

When most people use google they type in things like --- erotica fiction

The group that I would hang with would use things like this.

(erotica|smut|sex) (fic*|story) (male|gay|homoerotica) And that’s a simple short one.

If we were looking for you…whoa…then it got complicated. I have search strings saved on my HDD that are several lines long.

Yep, at one time I was a NetRunner.

Anyways, I stumbled across this site Vortaloptics. Vortaloptics

And I wish I still had contact with my old search buddies. They have something that made my jaw drop open. They call it “Local Search Solutions.”

I call it goldmine. Gone would be the days of typing in a numerical range to trigger google to give me results for a certain zipcode or area code. I need to know all the hydro-engineering firms in and around Needmore, Texas? Use the local searches via Vortaloptics.

Jeez! This would make NetRunner’s lives easier, don’t ya think?

Ooo…maybe I should dust off my search skills and try to track down my old buddies for this…nah…I’m sure they’ll find me or already have.

Something like this might be a good writing tool too. The have vertical searches too. My writer friends may not know that phrase. That’s topic specific searches. Ever do a search for something like—publisher erotica—and get an bunch of articles talking about the market climate or stuff that ISN’T the website for erotica publishers? Hate wading through that crap? Me too. Vertical searches make building your publisher planning lists easier.

Maybe, I don’t always find things AFTER I need them.

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