Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Characters and Their Creature Comforts

While brainstorming for my “About to Sin” series, I thought about what our characters accessories say about them. There will be a point when the reader gets a glimpse inside Father Daniel’s and Anand’s homes. The homes themselves are very different as well as the stuff inside their homes. I hope that I write it properly and the home décor will tell more about the characters than the meat of the scene.

We’ll see if I can pull it off.

I’m stuck on what kind of vehicle each guy would drive. Priests take a vow of poverty and I thought about giving Father Daniel a bike instead of a car. I ruled that idea out, but not before wandering across a beach bike website.

I admit it. I’m an idiot. I live 45 min away from the ocean and I didn’t know you needed a special bike for sand. I also didn’t know they came in such awesome colors and styles.

beach cruiser blog

So, that got me thinking. Which bikes would my characters pick if they rode bikes?

Father Daniel is easy. He’d ride a black one, but normal looking.

Father Daniel’s bike

Father Daniel's Bike

Anand is a tough one. He’s out and proud, but not really a purple or pink bike kind of guy. He’s no queen. No offense to the gay men out there who do have a lot of sugar in the tank and love their pinks and purples. I also don’t think he’d go for silver. Silver is sleek and nice, but I think he’d get enough stainless steel at this hospital. I think Anand would ride a bright yellow bike. Yeah, bright yellow, but it would be the “chopper”style.

This style, but bright yellow.

Anand's bike

The more I look at it, this style would look stupid as bright yellow, but I still think Anand would want one.

All right, I know I’m a complete dork, but I really do think about these things.

What about my Full Circle boys?

Kendrick would ride a silver bike. That’s easy.

Kendrick's Bike

Alis wouldn’t be caught dead on a purple or pink bike. She’s feminine, but actively pushes back on gender expectations. I see her on a fire engine red bike and a style that looks solid and butch. No, she’s not a lesbian. Why do people keep asking me that? She is romantically involved with one of the guys, but I’m not telling you who yet.

So this is her style of bike, but fire engine red. (A color they don’t have, sadly.)
Alis's bike

The midwife character (unnamed, poor dear) however is very feminine and motherly. She’d ride a purple or pink one and she’d have a basket on it.

Midwife's bike

And of course the basket…


Alvaro would have a basket too, but I think he’d ride a teal bike. That, I’m sure, would surprise Josiah who would put Alvaro on a purple bike. JUST for the angst factor, I’d make sure the ONLY teal bike available would be a woman’s style. WHY do I enjoy messing with him so much? Ah, my sweet, sweet Alvaro, what did you do to become my Target of Torment?

Alvaro's bike

the basket again

Josiah and Byron are tough ones. At first I thought Byron would go for a black bike, but I think Josiah would take it first. Josiah would pick something fast, nimble and stealthy.

Like this…
Josiah's bike

Byron would probably ride a dark blue one, but something bulkier like the chopper style. Ooo…no… THIS style!

Byron's bike

Oh yeah, that’s Byron’s bike!

I would ride a dark green one. A rich deep forest green, but with those iridescent flakes in it. Yeah, THAT paint. That’d rock! I’d put in a link for that one, but they don’t have that color. And, just to be difficult, I’d want it in the chopper style just because I think that style is rather cool!

So, what about you guys? What bikes do you think your characters would ride?

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