Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Romantic Letters

Romance and erotica tend to go hand in hand. It’s possible to have erotica without the romance, but even dark erotica, non-happy-ever-after, and horror erotica tend to have a romantic sub-plot.

While surfing for writing mojo juice, I stumbled across this site.

Romance For Everyone

This site is plum full of plotbunnies waiting to be born.

They even have Romantic Love Letters to help jump start the growth of the plotbunny.

I’ve often wondered about writing a book as a series of love letters. I even have it started on my machine. It actually starts with what seems like the end of the relationship, but the letters bring the lovers back together.

The written word is very powerful. And, I think, people are a bit bolder with what they’d write to loved one even if they don’t have the nerve to say it to their lover’s face.

To be honest, I think the site could work on the quality of the letters a bit. I don’t think these are written by writers, maybe they’re from Joe Schmoe? Maybe after they grow a bit, the site will become another market for us?

However this one You Are

Is beautiful. The simplicity is powerful. Can you imagine that being dropped by a secret admirer?

Anyways, I hope you find the site as interesting as I have.

Edit: Ooo... I can just imagine Alvaro writing a letter to Josiah.

Dearest Josiah,

I’ve been by your side for centuries. As you’ve spent your days and nights fretting over Kendrick and his worries, I’ve fretted over you. You’ve spent your life fighting for those who can’t hold their own sword. You’ve wrapped yourself in this idyllic notion of having to be the savior—Kendrick’s savior.

Now that Byron is back, I can’t imagine how much you’re hurting. The pain of seeing what you crave step further and further away puts an ache in your chest that you believe will never fade. Knowing that someone else holds what you long to hold must be unbearable.

I know it’s not much consolation, but you are still loved and adored. The sunlight in your auburn hair steals my breath. Your green eyes rival the most precious treasures. In the dead of winter the awe inspiring beauty of a fall forest is just a few feet away from me.

I watch you sleep mesmerized by the peace on your face. What is this spell you have cast upon me? What is it about you that penetrates my very core and makes me yearn for your touch?

It breaks my heart knowing that you’re hurting. Your pain twists in my chest and wrenches my being. You’ve made it clear that we are to be nothing more than friends. Even though that’s a bitter pill to swallow, I can live with it. As long as I have you in my life, I’m happy. I wouldn’t trade the years of laughter and friendship with you for anything. At times, I’m saddened by the turn of my heart. You know my feelings for you and that must make you uncomfortable.

I wish I could turn off my feelings for you and be the friend you need right now. I shall do my best, but I fear it is impossible. If it’s all right with you, I would very much like to continue to love you from afar.



And just after writing that, he’d lose the nerve to deliver it. After all, a letter like that doesn’t seem to be his best effort as being a friend. And OF COURSE Josiah would find the balled up letter. LOL!

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