Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A sad side-effect of being a writer.

Finally! Someone got it right! Please, please, please let this spread!

In an effort to cut down on the distractions available to me, I stopped watching TV about 3 or 4 years ago. Since I’m a writer, I work from home. So, all of my pop culture and news information comes from the net. Not the most engaging format. *a-hem*

This also means that when I take my eyes off the screen, I stop being informed.

CBS has started putting some of its shows online for people like me. Do you have any idea how excited I was to watch a commercial again? NBC is giving us a teeny tiny amount of programming. I’m also fortunate that during the times of hurricanes one of my local news stations will do a web simulcast.

However, I don’t get to listen to the radio.

Maybe, come Jan 25th that might change. WSCR 670 The Score is hooking up with Nology Interactive Nology Interactive - Web Design, Hosting & IT servicesto bring the web a full day of radio broadcasting! Real radio broadcasting not that web stuff that doesn't have DJ's, news or anything like that. I'd LOVE to get some of my local stations on the web!

If this works, if this gets popular, I’ll be able to feel connected to my society again! I’ll be able to turn on the radio (Yes, I don’t own an actual radio either. No, I’m not from an Amish family) and do the dishes. Sometimes I feel extremely isolated and things like this carry a tremendous amount of potential.

So! Bravo to WSXR 670 The Score and Nology Interactive for all of your hard work and ingenuity! May your genius spread throughout the world!

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