Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Writer's Blogs

I stumbled across an interesting post about writer's blogs on Amazon.

I hope that I'm not doing the things people are complaining about. I try to make this blog informative and productive. Hmm...I probably do have too many "me, me, me" posts in here.

What do you think about writer's blogs in general? Do you think they're worthwile reads or just another place for someone to yammer on about things only important to them?

I think they have good potential if they aren't all promo. I like some personal information about the author, because it makes me feel as if I'm getting to know them. I know that's not really true, but it still carries that sense. I like using my blogs as a way of keeping in touch with readers and fellow writers. It gives me a communal feeling of sorts. Some blogs focus on industry news and that's quite helpful. Other blogs focus on writing tips and that's equally as helpful.

All blogs are risky in a PR sense. If I go batshit insane it will, most likely, first show on a blog. If I'm not careful about my rantings (see previous posts), I can risk offending a good deal of people. (Or maybe one person when I factor in the traffic this blog usually gets. LOL!)

I run three "writing" blogs and one personal blog. Each blog has a different target audience and more often than not the blogs have unique content.

However, I'm going to continue reading through that thread on Amazon and see what kinds of things people are seeking when they visit writer's blog. Perhaps, I shall learn something.


Bernita said...

FOUR blogs?

IM Cupnjava said...

Yes, four. LJ, Myspace, here and then the personal one. Well...as personal as a blog can be. They all reach different readers and serve different purposes.

Jon M said...

I think writers' blogs are okay as long as they are either entertaining or thought-provoking or there is some feedback. I HATE (a word I try not to use) blogs that are mere catalogues of 'projects' without the detail or lists of where the writer will be going next. I like a bit of insight. Your blog's great!

IM Cupnjava said...

Thank you for the vote of confidence, Jon! I appreciate it! Now if I can get blogger to start sending e-mail notification of comments...

Vinnie G. said...

I know about the whole priest thing does that apply to Mormon Missionaries as well? If so you may enjoy this


IM Cupnjava said...

Vinnie, I love you more than words could ever express.