Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Books Meme

KM Frontian tagged me.

1) How many books do I own?

A few years ago when I last boxed up all of my books for a move, I had over fifty boxes of books. If you want to know how many I have now, you come over and count them. I know I haven't beaten Bernita with her 5,000, but I must be close to KM's 200. A goodly amount are non-fiction, but I'm not really sure what the percentage is. Hubby is a big fiction reader and I'm the non-fiction dork.

2) The last book I read?

I will refrain from mentioning the one I'm currently trying to read, but I manage to bitch about it more than read it. The last print fiction book I read was Pleasure Dome (yaoi manga). The last ebook I read was Kay's The Legacy and I haven't finished it. I bought it, started reading it, fell in love with it and my computer crashed. From here on out all ebooks are going straight to my flashdrive. I need to download it again Chip/LAP gives you five downloads per purchase in the event you lose your copy like I did.

3) Top Ten Favorite Books.

(in no particular order)

1) Xanth Series.
2) Myth Series.
3) Synonym Finder
4) The Pictoral Guide to the Kama Sutra
5) The Encyclopedia of Superstitions
6) Saiyuki Series (manga)
7) My Edgar Allan Poe anthology
8) A Child Called It
9) Encyclopedia of Serial Killers
10) The Ultimate Guide to Gay Sex

Geez...there are so many more that I adore!

Ok, now to tag people.

Jose Bogran, Jon, Oh bother...anyone who wants to do it just do it. LOL!

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kmfrontain said...

LOL. Yah, anyone who wants to bother. That's what I will do next time...except, sometimes it helps drive interest to the other blog to name a few. :-)