Sunday, September 02, 2007

Goals—progress update.

While doing the tags on this blog, I noticed where I posted goals for this year. I thought I’d check in with them and see how I’m doing.

I earned three writing contracts in 2006. In 2007, I’d like to see a minimum of six.

Status…we’re not doing so good here. I’ve signed two contracts this year and those weren’t ebooks. However shorts are good, right? This goal got jumbled partly due to my fault and partly not. Lady Aibell had some technical problems that slowed things way down and I spent my time focusing on those titles and About to Sin instead of working on my WIPs. I was afraid of over-committing myself. I’m new and I don’t want to sign on the line unless I know I can deliver by deadline. I erred on the side of caution with this and it may or may not end up biting me on my ass. I could have more titles coming out, but would they have been rush jobs?

Do not lose another friendship.

So far so good! As a matter of fact, I’ve gained some friends this year and I think a few of them are going to turn out of be really dear and close friends.

Take better care of myself.

So far so good! I’ve been going to the doctor when I need to. I also took the surgery option for a definitive solution to one of my ailments. I’m being more careful about what I eat and I’m, in general, taking better care of myself. Oh, did I mention I’ve lost and kept off over 40lbs? According to one scale, I’ve lost and kept off 50 lbs. According to another one, I’m still at the 40. Which would be correct? The one at the hospital or the one at my doctor’s office?

Work more diligently with a writing career. Now that I know that this is a real option for me, I need to make it work and work to make it.

So far so good! I’m staying up on networking, promo, marketing, professional development and I am making progress with titles even though I’m not making as much progress as I’d like.

Take more time for friends and family.

So far so good! I’d been spending so much time devoted to writing that I thought my marriage was beginning to suffer a bit. Hubby and I are doing wonderfully and it doesn’t seem to be really cutting into my writing time too much. Do I dare say it? Have I come close to finding balance between my work life and home life?

I’m still gonna gun for more contracts, but I think I’m doing pretty darn good!


Jon M said...

And it's what YOU think that counts! Well done on the health and family balance stuff! There's months before the end of the year, you'll find more contracts! :-)

IM Cupnjava said...

I certianly hope so, Jon. Thanks for the vote of confidence!