Sunday, September 23, 2007

Calling all Questions

I’m gonna give something a try. Earlier I saw a post by another author where the author interviewed one of his characters. I thought that was neat and then it hit me…why not do a Q and A between the readers and characters?

What do you think? Lame idea? Good idea?

So, if you think it’s a good idea. Here goes…hit me with any question you have for any character from Full Circle. Make sure you let me know which character it’s for. I figure Full Circle is safe because it’s done and there can’t be any spoilers. (There will be a sequel.) However, I’m willing to accept questions for About to Sin characters too, but I will not spoil the story. So, you ask the question and the character answers it.

If you aren’t comfortable posting your questions here, you can e-mail them at im_cupnjava [at] yahoo [dot] com[mercial] and use the subject “Question for [Character Name].” After I get a few, I'll do a post answering them.

I reserve the right to not answer any question, but I will tell you why I…rather…why the character didn’t answer it. ("Alvaro passed out from embarassment due to this question. Josiah is currently trying to revive him." Or "The answer to this question will spoil a scene in the story.")

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