Thursday, March 22, 2007

Work Hazard

I normally do the bulk of my writing in the overnight hours. The phone isn’t ringing and children aren’t running amok in the streets. Also, everyone in the house is quiet.

There is a hazard to this especially when it’s mixed with someone, oh like me, who gets startled easily. My desk is a few from the front door. So, picture this.

It’s around 3:00am and I’m working by the light of my monitor. I’m in my grove and feeling it. Thirsty, I sip my coffee and my front door opens scaring me half to death. I spill coffee all over my desk (luckily missed my keyboard). My roommate enters just as I’m about to spray the intruder with compressed air like it’s mace.

That’s when I realized the motion senor on the porch light went out.

So, I went link hoping looking for some ideas for home lighting at Maxim Lighting.

I found a few that I like. Some are pricey and some a reasonable and cheap.

I love this one. It’s a very unique design, but it also seems like changing the bulb would be a pain in the ass.

This one looks very elegant, but again I don’t want to disassemble it to change the bulb.

This is a very clean and design and I think even I could change the bulb. Same thing for this one .

This one is positively elegant and beautiful. Modern, but still hints at history.

These last two are my favorites.

Favorite Number One and Favorite Number Two they’d both fit in perfectly with what I want to do with my screened-in porch and look like the bulbs would be easy to change.

I want to do a medieval/fantasy thing on the porch. At one time, I had this huge tree at the corner and I wanted to put some gargoyles on the trunk to make it look like they were climbing the tree. The tree fell ill and had to be removed. I still miss that tree. I’ve found some faery statues that I can put on the supports for the porch. I’d like to put a bird’s nest in one corner and get a fake raven to put in the nest. Not an obvious touch, I figure most people will miss the raven, but I’ll know it’s there. Both of those lights would be perfect for that.

I have one gripe about the product descriptions on this site, I can’t tell if any of these lights have motion sensors built in. Maybe, once I decide, I can e-mail them and ask.

Oh, by the way, I just finished the fourth installment of About to Sin. That puppy capped out at just over 16k words. Whew.

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