Thursday, March 15, 2007

While I was out…

While I buried my HDD, PayPerPost geared up for some major announcement. I haven’t a clue what the real announcement is, but they’re hinting at something that will increase site traffic.

We all know the most popular genre online.



But! What’s the most popular thing that Google is used for?


Oh, come on…there’s even a song about it! Ok, I’ll start the song and you join in on the keyword. “The internet is for…”


Yep, you guessed it. Thank you Avenue Q for wonderful music! Gotta love Broadway! (That show was on Broadway, wasn’t it?)

Now, I don’t think PPP (PayPerPost) is willing to drop their family-friendly ways. (That phrase has always confused me. To whose family are they being friendly? Not mine. My cats don’t care how many naked dogs in compromising positions with squeaky toys there are online. Why don’t they just say kid-friendly? That’s what the phrase really means. All right, all right, that’s not what it REALLY means, but that’s what they (that anonymous vague “They” that does everything) wants us to think it means. But, I digress.)

I don’t think PPP is jumping in bed with porn. Nope. I think they’re going to increase site traffic by gathering more adult oriented advertisers.

After all, what sells? And has been selling since 1066 and All That (that’s for anyone who read the book)?

_ _ _ sells.

I’ll give you a hint the three-letter word that fits into the blank rhymes with “vex.” Personally, I’d appreciate some more condom advertisers. Ya know, something that’s actually useful. Something juicy like the special line of products by Pyrex. Things that buzz, hum, whirl, and shake and things that help other things slide and slither.

Who wants to bet I’m wrong? Who wants to hope I’m right? Can you imagine a whole host of international bloggers getting paid to blog about the things that our Victorian roots would see us hanged for?

Kind of makes me wish I’d won that first writing gig I tried for. Ya know, that product reviewer job. The one that didn’t pay in money. It paid in things. Fic fodder things.

One generation ago, I’d be forced to hang my head in shame for typing this post. Ain’t life grand?

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