Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Modernizing Tried and True Plotlines.

I’ve been quiet because I’m working on a couple of tight deadlines. However, I still found a plotbunny birthing site. While doing some link hopping, I found a site that lets you send Anonymous Email. Talk about taking the message in a bottle or a letter left by a secret admirer into the 21st century!

Yeah, yeah, you can use anonymous email for a lot of different things and there’s a section on their website that shows examples of that. For example, telling your boss that they are micromanaging a project to death, telling a friend who is struggling with something that someone cares (without hurting their pride) and there are other “touchy” situations where someone might want to send a secret letter.

None of those, however, pull at the heart like someone who loves someone else, but just can’t work up the nerve to tell them. There’s a plethora of reasons why Lead Character Number One might not want to tell Lead Character Number Two their feelings, but with this kind of thing in a contemporary romance novel, a writer can set up a dual relationship between two characters.

Hmm…I think I’ve found my next WIP. How much ya wanna bet it’s gonna have a happy ending? Oh! I could title it: “Message in an Inbox.” Nah…needs a better title. “He has Mail.” Hmm that’s a little cheesy. Ok, ok, the title needs help, but the idea is good.

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