Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I’ve been busy like crazy.

Full Circle is still waiting for cover art. LAP doesn’t normally take this long to get art work done. A comedy of errors happened with Full Circle’s cover art and the president of Chippewa, Rebecca, is personally involved with getting things right and rolling. I can’t ask for more than that. Problems will happen. That’s a given. How they are solved is what makes awesome companies stand out above the rest. I have no complaints about Rebecca’s efforts in solving the issues around my cover art.

Selling Foxx is in the hands of the proofreaders and art department.

Tainted Past
is in editing.

About to Sin has a deadline looming near. I’m currently working on the fourth installment. This little one-shot that started at 4k words way back when. Has become a multi-chapter story and the current installment is at 14k (and counting) words. >.< (Holy Shiznic! It just hit me that I've written about 12k words in 5 days. O.O I rock! XD)

I’m still helping my friend pack and trying to recover everything from my HDD crashing.


Well, back to work...

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