Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A blogging award!

K.M. Fontain has named me a Rockin’ Wench Blogger! Thank you KM!

And that has reminded me that I need to show my blogspot a bit more love. I give plenty of attention to my LJ and my myspace, but I neglect this poor little blog. I think that’s because I’m actively trying to be professional here and I don’t want a whole bunch of cross-posting on my blogs.

So, here’s what you can expect from my other blogs.

LJ is my most personal blog. That’s where you get to see me batshit insane. When I fight with bouts of insomnia and I get that spazz session just before crashing, I post it there. I also post fanfiction there. So if you’re one of those “Oh noes! The EEBILS of fanfiction!!!111ONE!!!” Types, then give it a pass. I also do a lot of fangirling there. So, yes, you get to see me at my fanigirling worst with things like, “OMG! Hakkai and Gojyo are so freaking HAWT!” or “OMG! Have you seen the raws of the Burial Arc yet?” or “I have new doujinshi to share!” and all that other great kind of stuff.

Myspace is an intellectual-personal blend between LJ and Blogspot. That’s also where I’ll put out some of my humor such as translating the first few chapters of the Bible in netspeak:

Genesis 1:1 G0d wrote BIOS.
Genesis 1:2-25 G0d slung code.
Genesis 1: 27 G0d used a hex editor and cheat code.
*Adam_01 has entered the chat*
Genesis 2:2 Reboot.

Genesis 2: 16-17 G0d: “Eat this and u phail.”
Genesis 2: 20 Adam_01: :( *sniffle* “lonely”
Genesis 2:21-22 G0d used another cheat code.
*Eve_02 has entered the chat*
Genesis 2:23 Adam_01: “OMG! R0xz0rz! Cyber? Woot!”

Genesis 3: 1 Eve_02: “WTF! No wai! 4 real? G0d sayz dat?”
Genesis 3:2 Adam_01: “Yes wai!”
Genesis 3:4 xXxSerpentxXx: “Caffeine good. Eat FTW!” (FTW=For The Win)
Genesis 3:7 Adam_01 & Eve_02: >.<
Genesis 3:8 Adam_01 & Eve_02: -.-‘
Genesis 3:11 G0d: *tsk*
Genesis 3:12 Adam_01: “She r teh h4x0rz.”
Genesis 3:13 G0d: “WTF!”
Eve_02: *points* “D00d! xXxSerpentxXx is teh sux.”
Genesis 3:14-15 G0d: “FuQ! I r pissed! KOS4LIF!” (KOS=kill on sight)
Genesis 3:16: G0d: “Eve u sux. u phail @ lif.”
Genesis 3:17 G0d: “Adam w/ teh no ballz or skillz!”
Genesis 3:23: G0d: “GTFO muh internets! STFU! U sux x2 !!!111!!!ONE!!!”

Genesis 3:24—and so on: World v2.0

“And so on” until God c:/format with TEH big flood and World v3.0 came out.

Then World v3.5 with the release of the Jesus patch.

World v4.0 is expected around Armageddon.

And I shared Priest Kitty there! (I wrote the caption, but didn’t take the picture.) Love cat macros!

That kind of stuff. I also post writing tips and struggles on that blog. That blog has turned into an odd little mix of things because I have old high school friends, readers, editors, publishers, fellow writers as well as two priests and bishop friended on myspace.

My blogspot blog was intended to be a blog for writers (published, self-published, and not-yet-published.) The intent was to only include things that could clearly be linked to my writing life. So, there was no angsting about my biopsy (which turned out fine), pending surgery, bitching about being broke, or any of that. I think that lack of a personal touch is keeping this blog from feeling like a real blog. Poor blogspot, the bastard child of my blogging life.

So, I come to you with a question. Do you want me to make this blog more personal or do you enjoy the way it is?

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