Thursday, July 19, 2007

Acts of Charity by Erotica Writers

Erotica—stories about characters that have hot steamy sex. Aside from the obvious things such as reminding people that they're sexual beings, giving people a safe place to celebrate being a sexual being, helping sexual assault victims heal just a teeny bit and providing more therapy to writers than readers would ever want to know and a few other things, what other types of good come out of erotica?

I'm going to tell you about two things going on right now.

First, there's "Coming Together: For The Cure" anthology edited by Alessia Brio and being published by Phaze. This anthology will be generating money for breast cancer research. Coming Together: For The Cure website

Second, K. M. Frontain is making a personal sacrifice. The royalties she earns on her title Loved Him 1 will be donated to Gai Écoute, an organization in Quebec that helps GLBT teens who have been turned away from their families. She'll be turning in her donation come January. K. M.'s myspace blog post dated July 07, 2007 explains this in more detail. KM's myspace. Friend her darn it.

Certainly there are other authors who are doing things to give back to humanity and I mean no disrespect by failing to mention them here. If I don't know about the selfless deeds, I can't report them.

So, please, help these Alessia Brio and KM Frontain in their efforts. Purchase those books (Coming Together isn't ready yet) and also buy something else by KM Frontain so she can eat.

I know there are certain religious groups *cough* fundamentalists *cough* and a certain company who has banned me because they run a "wholesome romance website" and my readers (those who enjoy the beauty of male/male couplings) aren't her audience for her "wholesome" business. *rolls eyes*, --who don't see the good that we do. However, I think if they understood how much erotica writers give of themselves through their work and acts of charity like these, they'd be more welcoming of the work that we do.

Kudos to them! Keep up the great work ladies!


Yes, that's one more thing I can add to my banned from list. Let's see here…my list is now (not in order of occurrence)…

1) Asked to leave a Christian outreach center. (I didn't even get to say anything.)
2) Banned from an IHOP location
3) Snubbed by countless priests.
4) Asked to leave the Methodist church by the same preacher who'd encouraged me to go into the ministry.
5) Banned from the Consumption Junction chat room.
6) Snubbed by a Pagan fellowship board because I have a priest listed in my top friends. (on myspace)
7) Banned by a "wholesome romance" website.
8) Rejected twice by publishers for writing a story that's "too controversial" due to "religious themes" and "rape/torture" themes.
9) Banned from a Christian Outreach chat room. (Once again I didn't even get to say anything.)

It feels like I'm skipping something.


I'm doing AWESOME! Now, if I could only get the Roman Catholic Church to protest one of my books, I'd be GOLDEN!

A garland gay we bring you here
And at your door we stand
It is a sprout well budded out
The work of Our Lord's hand.

~Mummer's Dance by Loreena McKennitt


Vinnie G. said...

You Go! I'm glad you aren't letting the rejection get to you. You should totally "anonymously" send in some copies of your book to every church you can think of. I'm sure some idiot will raise a fuss and give you a ton of free publicity.

IM Cupnjava said...

Vinnie!! You're killing me with funny and making me think with logic. Ya know, that just might work. LOL!