Thursday, October 05, 2006

Time to Celebrate!


I’ve been given permission to announce…

“Selling Foxx” was picked up by Lady Aibell Print.


*happy dance over here*

*happy dance over there*

I’m beginning to think I just might cut it as a writer. XD

Today’s Word of the Post comes from Hutchinson’s Dictionary of Difficult Words and is rated M for Mature. Adults only please.

This was the second word I selected to check. It must be a lucky day.

gamic Adj 1) sexual 2) Of or requiring fertilization to reproduce; sexual. 3) requiring fertilization.

I’m pretty sure this word is more scientific than I want it to be, but let’s try a little “artistic license.”

Where were we when we last visited with Mark…


Mark’s chattering and shaking subsided under the unnamed man’s watch. Comfort soaked into the lacerations in his back and heat from the fire penetrated his muscles. He no longer felt the floor or blanket beneath him. His breath effortlessly entered and exited his lungs. He, simply, was. In a state of existence with only one befitting title – being.

The man above him, however, bore proof of more gamic desires. A firm cock pressed between the halves of Mark’s ass. As his punisher turned lover massaged, kissed and tended to him, the state of the man’s arousal became more and more evident.

A soft kiss brushed Mark’s cheek. He needed to know the name his enigma. “May I know the name of my caregiver?”

“You may call me, Sir, until I tell you otherwise.” Sir’s voice deep baritone voice rumbled through Mark’s chest.

“That seems a bit formal, would you not agree?”

Sir shifted back on Mark’s hips lifting his fingers from the injured man’s shoulders.

Mark smirked. “Sir, it is.” The man could be called anything he wanted as long as those fingers didn’t stop. The touch returned and Mark softly moaned. Being tied to the post and vapulated had pulled at his shoulders. Sir’s persistent fingers found and erased all the strain and any lingering ache.

Mark wasn’t one to question a blessing or favor, but one thing niggled at his mind. Why would someone turn from punisher to lover? “Sir, why are you doing this?”

“I knew,” Sir leaned to the side and started draping bandages over Mark’s back, “your reaction come the third lash.”

Mark hiked an eyebrow. That was odd, because Mark didn’t know his reaction until much later.

“There was a look in your eyes that begged me to stop while pleading for me to continue.” Sir teethed Mark’s earlobe and whispered, “A look that I could not disregard.”

“And yet you still…” Mark let his voice trail off. He’d rather be disregarded than have his skin split open.

Sir laughed and it almost felt condescending. “Do you really think you felt the full brunt of my whip?” He draped a cloth over Mark’s back and titled onto the floor. “If it didn’t seem earnest, I would have been replaced.” He ran his fingers through Mark’s hair long dark hair. “Such a thing would be unacceptable.”


MissWrite said...

Very cool... although I have to agree with the bit of artistic license in that usage. LOL

Do be sure to balance the use of such unusual words though. Too many in too short of a time span can turn off readers rather than enlighten them. You do a great job of balancing them though.

You know what I like most, in your writing as a whole, and in this piece. Your artful way of making mundane and typical actions more interesting, and lively.

As for FOXX... you know I'm dancing for joy too! CONGRATULATIONS.

Bernita said...

~see? you really DO have it!~

IM Cupnjava said...

Tami -- Yes, you do have to be careful when using obscure words. *enter research background* *open stupid stuff information file* Studies have shown that when a person reads a word they don't know they tend to tune out the next 6 words (or so). I think it was six. They're pretty words and they deserve to be used, but too much and there's a problem .

Aww, thanks for the compliments. I'm trying. Mundane things have to happen in stories, but mundane does not have to equate boring.

IM Cupnjava said...

Bernita, thank you, hon. I appreciate the vote of confidence.

MissWrite said...

Hey, get over to my blog... you've been tagged.

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! That's great news. I found you off your comment on someone elses blog and I just wanted to say hi since I dropped in.

So, HI ! :)