Saturday, October 07, 2006

Learn from My Mistakes

For those of you who don't follow my LJ, you may not be familiar with this. These are the posts where I invite you to laugh at me as I describe an idiotic moment. Essentially, this is stuff you don't want to do.

My first one was about the Rotary Sander for The Legs. The next one was my moment with the Waxing Kit of Leg Death.

This one is about pancakes.

I have a serious love affair with pancakes. They're quick, easy, cheap and filling. My mother can't stand them for some strange reason, but I love them. A friend gave me a box of pancake mix. I normally use BisQuick, but I decided to give this a try.

You cannot make crappy pancake mix better. I mixed the batter and water as directed and it came out so thin I felt like I was stirring water. After deciding that dumping the entire box of mix without adding more water, didn't make it better, I figured it would thicken while cooking.


These things were so thin light came through them. I'm not exaggerating. These were transparent pancakes.

I headed off to the pantry to figure out what, if anything, I had on hand might salvage these pitiful things. I'm not sure when I bought this can, but I had a can of blueberries. Score! If the pancakes were going to be thin, they at least could be blueberry. I promptly dumped the can into the batter and realized I just added more liquid. Now, my batter was grey—not blue—and even thinner.

Fine! I sprinkled in some flour that proved worthless and decided I was, simply, going to eat my transparent blueberry pancakes and be happy about it. Do you have any idea how hard it is to flip a pancake that's thinner than the spatula? After a few failed attempts and one pancake wearing cat, I finally ended up with a plate of things that looked more like grey-blue crepes than anything else.

I've never made crepes, but it was an idea. I hit the net and found a recipe for the filling of crepes. It had more than three ingredients so I decided to modify it. Easy cooking is the only cooking for me.

After getting back from the grocery store, I mixed cream cheese, cottage cheese, and too little sugar to make a difference in a huge bowl and ate some pancakes turned crepes with a little apple sauce and sour cream.

Oddly it was good. Now, if only I can remember what I did to make this something not to do so I can do it again when I want crepes.

In the mean time, I learned that muffin mix makes for great pancakes!

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