Monday, March 28, 2011

2011 Update

So far 2011 has been wonderfully normal.

I've taken a position as a subcontractor with a search engine. I telecommute and it allows me to pay the bills while still having time to write. Win+win=winwin.

The second edition of Full Circle is still in editing. My crazy life over the past two years has caused delays in that title. The editor and I have made some changes that will solidify some of the confusing aspects of the first edition. POV is tighter and it's nicely polished. I was proud of the title before, but there were a few rough sections that bothered me. I still need a lot of growth as a writer, but I've been given a chance to smooth out those rough patches. I can only hope and pray that the reviews for the second edition will be as good as the reviews for the first edition.

Full Circle II: Changeling is in the writing phase. So far this one is darker than the last one, but not as violent and has less gore. Not sure if it will stay that way. Essentially, more mental anguish. Less disembowelment and impaling.

Full Circle III is in the planning and storyboard phase.

Tainted Past is still under contract with Freya's Bower.

Personal Demon (priest erotica) is out. E-book edition. Kindle Edition

About to Sin (priest erotica) is still being edited and hasn't hit submission hell yet. I'm so very proud of this title and I think I'm obsessing a bit too much about every last detail. That obsession is bogging down the progression of the title. At some point, I need to be pragmatic and stamp it done even though no title is ever really done.

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