Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Why...oh nevermind why...(And 2008 writing goals)

And it’s 2008!

I had a wonderful holiday and a fabulous New Year; I hope everyone else did too!

Every so often when I’m reading stuff on the net, I wonder, “Where do these authors get this from?” We’ve all seen major grammatical infractions and I’m sure we’ve all wondered, “Why?”

When I’m reading a print book and the author shoves a conversation between two characters in one paragraph, I no longer wonder why.

A print book.

Yes, print.

I think I’ll carry this book with me and use it to slap anyone who regards e-books as being lesser publishing than print books.


So, 2007 was a bit of a publishing roller coaster for me. I had three e-book contracts and one series contract. Full Circle was finally released after the umpteenth delay…just to have the publisher close. By year end, I’d found home for two of my three Chip orphans and gained a new e-book contract. I have one story in submissions right now and I finished About to Sin by my self-imposed deadline. Woo-hoo!

So, in 2008 here are my writing goals.

1)Sign with an agent. (Pretty lofty goal, huh?)
2)Get About to Sin print published.
3)Finish Full Circle’s sequel.
4)Gain four book contracts (e-pub or print pub).

The agent search will start in February. Can I do it? I don’t know, but you’ll have to keep watching over the next year to find out. I’ll be sure to share my successes and failures on my blogs.

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