Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Every so often a writer needs to take a look at their work and set priorities. That’s what this post is about.

Published work:

“By Invitation Only” published by Oysters and Chocolate
A short story about a woman at an S&M party with something to prove to herself.

Contracted work:

“Personal Demon” under contract with Freya’s Bower.
One man’s struggle with lust and faith.

“Tainted Past” under contract with Freya’s Bower.
A young man with no sense of history seeks to discover his identity through the love and affection of two lovers. What makes a man? A catalog of memories or life as it happens?

“Full Circle” under contract with Freya’s Bower.
In a war-torn world a group of vampires fight internal and external foes.

Work in submissions:

“Selling Foxx”
Matthew Fox learns the ropes of working at a host club. A series of mistakes makes him wonder if his first customer will be his last.

A-list WIPs:

“About to Sin” currently at 103k words
An out and proud ER doctor meets up with a closeted Roman Catholic priest and they have to fight their pasts to discover their futures.

“Broken Soul” currently at 6k words
A beaten-by-life street kid finds value within himself through the faith and affection of a snarky, cynical and irreverent priest.

B-list WIP’s:

“Finding Mr. Right-ish” currently in handwritten notes
A comedy piece about two roommates. One spends his life trying to find the perfect lover. The other wonders why he’s in love with someone who is oblivious.

“Sci-fi story” 4,300 words
A screw-up crew of a cargo carrier has to battle the Karne while delivering goods to a war zone.

C-list WIPs

“Purposed Chaos” currently at 116k words
It has been said that when two souls are destined for each other they will cry out until they are heard and answered. These cries, pleas and yearnings will shatter the boundaries of time and space. This need for each other will also destroy what blocks it.

When the discipline of purpose mingles with the chance of chaos, the universe is thrust into a paradox. A paradox of purposed chaos.

These are the stories of two such souls and their trysts within Purposed Chaos. . .

“Nyx’s Knights” currently at 28k words.

Malevolent and benevolent forces battle for control over a recovering world. One side has Nyx and his assassins. The glorified errand boys working for Nyx fight powerful foes, but their greatest enemy is themselves.

“Recovered Flotsam” currently at 16k words.

A young man blossoming into his sexuality is trapped on a boat with a sadistic serial killer. When he finally escapes, the love he’s been longing for might be with the man providing CPR if only he could exorcize the ghosts of his past long enough to enjoy his new freedom.

D-list WIP’s

No point in listing them at this time.

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