Saturday, December 30, 2006

Five Things You Don't Know About Me

Tag I’m it. Five Things You Don’t Know About Me.

1) I’m left handed. Hey! No one said these had to be scandalous or anything.
2) In HS, I was a founding member of my school’s FCA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. I wanted to join the clergy and I went so far as to line up a scholarship and gained acceptance to a religious school. I write m/m erotica now. My how things change.
3) I consider myself a simple mountain girl with a coal miner/electrician for a father and a school teacher for a mother.
4) My first jump into “faghagdom” was when an exboyfriend, Eric, came out to me.
5) I have helped drag queens “tuck and tape.”


MissWrite said...

Very cool, but that wasn't the one I tagged you for... or did someone else tag you on that one?

IM Cupnjava said...

You tagged me for that. I guess you tagged me for another one too. LOL. Let me go check. And I'll turn off the word verification as soon as I figure out how.