Monday, June 25, 2007

Eight Habits

I’ve been tagged by JH Bogran.

List eight of your habits.

1)I virtually pet John and Bryan’s dogs nearly every morning. (Yes, I know, that’s sickeningly sweet.)

2)When I’m on a writing binge, I keep my nails painted and I prefer odd colors or as my mother calls it “that horrid stuff I put on my pretty nails.”

3)I’m one of those annoying knee-bouncers and my friend Debbie says the faster I type the faster my knee bounces.

4)I’ve become so accustomed to listening to music while I type, that I wear headphones to check my e-mail even if I’m NOT playing music.

5)During mini-breaks, I refresh my myspace home, check my yahoo inbox and check my g-mail inbox in that order. If I do it in a different order something feels off. However, I check my g-mail first when I wake up and it’s the last thing I check before going to bed.

6)I have my kitchen organized to minimize coffee making speed. I did this by design and on purpose. I can reach the coffee pot, water source, coffee, cups, spoons, sugar and milk all within a half of a step.

7)I write consecutively and I do not type out an outline.

8)I make my character designs by starting with current personality then I use psychology to figure out the backstory. The last thing I come up with is appearance. (About to Sin is an exception because when you see two really freaking hot guys, ya gotta start there.)

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