Sunday, April 15, 2007

13 Things on My Desk

This is a cool little meme. It gives a glimpse of the writer behind the words.

I stole this from Nicholas.

1)4 coffee mugs
2)One neglected cup of water
3)Bottle of Tums
8)Cell phone
9)A black wooden box that contains a necklace (I move it to my tower when I’m working so hubby knows to not bother me.)
10)A stack of recovery disks that I still haven’t put away from my last crash.
11)Two coasters
12)My computer (keyboard, monitor, trackball and tower)
13)Wrist pad beneath my keyboard

And that’s it. That’s all that’s on my desk. I have a few things sitting on top of my tower, but that’s it.

*looks at coffee mugs*

Three of these really need to go to the kitchen.


PJ said...

Very interesting (revealing). I like the mysterious symbolic black box and the backscratcher. I accumulate used mugs in my room too! I don't actually have a desk at the moment, I lay on my bed or sit on the floor when I write. My so-called writing chair is currently being used as a clothing receptacle.

IM Cupnjava said...

I write longhand when I'm forced away from my machine, but normally it's right into the word processor.

Are you still fighting with writer's block?

PJ said...

I'm the procrastination queen at the moment. I need to be kidnapped and forced to write at gunpoint for a few hours.