Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Meme's are Evil

Meme's we've all seen them. We've probably been tagged by them and they can suck up so much time it's not funny.

A list of 20-gazzillion questions about yourself that you don't want to share with your cat, but you'll answer them for a blog/myspace/lj post and tell 25-gazzillion strangers.

They're compelling. We half groan and half smile when we're tagged. Why? I try to make each one a bit of a joke. For example: my favorite color is actually Hunter Green. A deep rich green that fills me with a sense of earthy warmth. Looking at that green makes me feel refreshed and rejuvenated. I can imagine myself standing in the middle of the woods near a small creek watching vines claim an abandoned shed. However, on meme's I always answer clear or transparent. I think that's funny.

Some of these meme's ask about illicit drug use. Honestly, I'm clean. I'm willing to tell that to anyone. I am now and always have been clean, but why would you post something on the net that is essentially a confession to a crime?

Some of them ask about deep dark secrets. Well, if it's that much of a secret, why am I going to tell-all now?

I'm convinced that if legislation were in the form of meme's we'd get more stuff done on Capital Hill. A bill that could help millions of American's is boring and dull, but put it in meme for and presto we're compelled to participate.

Maybe voting could be handled this way too. Hmm….

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