Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Due to the probing and arm-twisting of my friend Tami Parrington ( ) I have now set up a blog here. Perhaps, I may eventually learn enough to post neat links.

Ah, listen to those crickets.

I suppose I should take a moment to introduce myself to … the empty chairs.

I am an erotica writer for Lady Aibell Print (a division of Chippewa Publishing). My debut e-book "Full Circle" will be out… some time.

As a way to encourage myself to update this blog on a regular basis, I will be providing a "Word of the Post". I'm head over heels in love with obscure words. Yes, yes, I know they never get to be used, the poor dears, but I still cherish them. I shall search over some of my e-dictionaries and report on a word. I'll also try to write it into a short scene.

I'm probably being too ambitious here, but let's try.

Today's Word of the Post comes from Grandiloquent Dictionary…

cacestogenous - ( )
Caused by an unfavourable home life

This dictionary doesn't give the type of speech for the word.


James barreled past Mark.

Mark stumbled needing a few steps to regain his footing. He looked up in enough time to have the door slam in his face. Once his long red hair settled back on his shoulders, he rolled his eyes. What had caused this particular conniption fit?

Maybe the towels weren't folded properly. Perhaps the canned vegetables were out of alphabetical order. It could be that the dishes weren't stacked just so. Or could it be that one of the party guests dared to disagree with The Great James?

One might be inclined to suspect James's short temper to be cacestogenous. That would be incorrect. Mark had met James's family and they were wonderful and caring people. James was a self-made control freak and asshole extraordinaire.

Whatever the cause of this particular outburst, Mark had some serious work to do to salvage this party. With a practiced winning smile on his face, he headed for the rec room.


MissWrite said...

LOVE that. Great word, too, and you worked in it so well.

You have a very nice new home here, and the message at the top is great. You'll be getting hits in no time.

Anonymous said...

Welcome aboard! Chippewa/Lady Aibel is a nice homey town to grow as and author.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the blogg. The set up is very pretty. Thought I'd pop over here and take a peek. Dunno if I'll be a normal visitor (okay, so I'llnever be normal, its the thought that counts). It's Iron Dog (2metaldog) by the way.

MissWrite said...

Hey, METAL DOG... how cool to see you

IM Cupnjava said...

Aww thank you guys for the warm welcome. I appreciate it. :D